You can make
a real difference
in the future of our town, but time is short

We are asking generous donors to step forward now
to lead the way for the community to follow.  
This bold vision can’t become a reality without you! 

Ranking the 6th highest in circulation out of 66 libraries in the Mid-Hudson Library System, the LaGrange Association Library has proven its value over the last 28 years. It provides valuable services that contribute to digital equity and lifelong learning by offering free or low cost access to educational, cultural, and career resources vital in today’s world.

Our vision is that the relocation of the LaGrange Association Library to a new, central location within the Town of LaGrange and its re-creation as a bright, open, multi-use community space will make the Library an anchor in Town Center, bringing more families, more shoppers, more investment and – most importantly – more sense of community to LaGrange. It will deliver needed services today and be ready for whatever tomorrow brings. 

Current Phase II Floor Plan

Floor Plan will likely be updated as construction progresses. Furnishings not to scale.

History and Current Snapshot

Our Library has a proud history and continues to thrive, presently ranking the 6th highest in circulation out of 66 libraries in the Mid-Hudson Library System.  

Our stats will surprise you!

Individual Giving – Leave a Legacy

We’re counting on generous community leaders like you who want to leave a legacy for future generations of LaGrange residents.

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Opportunities for Local Business

The relocation and expansion of our town’s library will be a high visibility project, with many media moments and sponsorship opportunities.

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